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She Plays Music

July 3rd, 2007

About The Author

Hello ShePlaysMusic readers. My name is Kimberlee Morrison; author, editor, journalist, and culture critic. I started writing about music eight years ago, always gravitating to freelance and self-initiated opportunities. One of my first, favorite and most frequently covered events is the Ragga Muffins Festival in Long Beach.

In addition to recording music, performing as a vocalist at local venues and various other capacities, I have always listened to music with a critical ear. I have also developed a very eclectic taste in music ranging from Jazz and Neo-Soul, to Electronica and Dance, to Rock and Hip Hop. My love for music borders on fanaticism, not for the artists per se but the feeling that great music can create, for the poetry in the lyrics, the composition in the songwriting. I have spent a good part of my freelance writing years covering music, arts and entertainment.

While completing my journalism minor at California State University, Long Beach, I began writing for the Daily 49er where I got a taste of various types of reporting and always had a fondness for covering culture related events; music in particular. When I graduated in 2006, and landed a gig working for Know More Media, I began seeking out other online publishing/blogging and social networking opportunities, and discovered Newsvine.

In the last year, I was entrusted to launch Know More Media’s first music column – VinylNotes.com – and right around the same time, I also joined Newsvine’s premier group of music writers, and have since spent the better part of my days dedicated to writing about music; including album reviews, artist profiles, live show reviews and music news and other editorials. My oldest blog, Kymlee.newsvine.com is among the most popular on Newsvine for music news and several of my articles have even been linked to from the MSNBC music and entertainment pages.

I’m excited about the opportunity ShePlaysMusic offers for me to focus female contributions to the industry. Such homage is often lacking in the big scheme of music and while the industry may be dominated by men, there are plenty of women to be reckoned with. My goal will be to highlight these women in profiles, concert and album reviews, news editorials, and other special features. I will do my best to cover an eclectic range of genres, with special attention to contemporary music, the current indie explosion (this will of course change in the future), and highlighting the up-and-coming female artists.

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