Blast From the Past: Patti LaBelle Sings "Lady Marmalade"

January 31, 2008 by Sarah  

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Now here’s how it’s done. Patti LaBelle (along with her talented backup singers Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash) perform the original version of “Lady Marmalade.” Now the youngsters may not agree with me, and I have nothing against Christina Aguilera, Pink and Missy Elliott, but no one can come close to Miss Patti.

Those costumes though!!!

Forbes Top 20 Highest Grossing Females in Music

January 29, 2008 by Sarah  

Some of favorite women in music are earning serious coin. For a case in point, check out the Forbes Top 20 Highest Grossing Females in Music. Number one should come as no surprise.

Check it out:

1. Madonna - $72 million
2. Barbra Streisand - $60 million
3. Celine Dion - $45 million
4. Shakira - $38 million
5. Beyoncé - $27 million
6. Gwen Stefani - $26 million
7. Christina Aguilera - $20 million
8. Faith Hill - $19 million
9. Dixie Chicks - $18 million
10. Mariah Carey - $13 million

11. Hilary Duff - $12 million
12. Avril Lavigne - $12 million
13. Martina McBride - $12 million
14. Britney Spears - $8 million
15. Carrie Underwood - $7 million
16. Nelly Furtado - $7 million
17. Fergie - $6 million
18. Jennifer Lopez - $6 million
19. Sheryl Crow - $6 million
20. Norah Jones - $5.5 million

Amy Winehouse’s "Rehab" is the Village Voice’s Song of the Year

January 29, 2008 by Sarah  

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Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” topped the Village Voice’s List of Top 10 Songs of the Year. The list was compiled from the picks of respected music critics. Here’s the rundown:


1 - Amy Winehouse “Rehab”
2 - Rihanna “Umbrella”
3 - LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends”
4 - Feist “1234″
5 - Justice “D.A.N.C.E.”
6 - M.I.A. “Paper Planes”
7 - Kanye West “Stronger”
8 - Outkast “International Players Anthem”
9 - Peter Bjorn & John “Young Folks”
10 -Battles “Atlas”

I can’t argue with that. The first time I heard “Rehab” I was blown away and it continues to be one my favorite songs.

Click here to view the Voice’s complete list of top songs and albums.

Kylie Minogue’s New Video "In My Arms"

January 29, 2008 by Sarah  

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Kyle Minogue’s new single “In My Arms” makes me want to get up and dance - and I’m a really bad dancer. I’m not a huge fan of dance music, to be honest, but this makes me tap my feet. The video is a little too frenetic for me but Kylie is looking good and it’s great to see her in good health and belting them out like she used to. Rock on, Kyle.

Check out the brand new video and tell me what you think!

Dixie Chicks Martie Maguire is Expecting

January 28, 2008 by Sarah  

Congratulations to Martie Maguire of the Dixie Chicks. She’s expecting a little girl! Martie shouldn’t have any problems either, she already has twin girls, Eva Ruth and Kathleen Emilie.

“I’m feeling good now, although I wasn’t!” Martie joked. “Carrying one instead of two will be much easier.”

Congratulations to Martie and husband Gareth Maguire, and our best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and birth.



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Blast from the Past: Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies

January 27, 2008 by Sarah  

Linda Rondstadt’s first hit single wasn’t a solo effort, it was as lead singer of the Stone Ponies. The song is called “Different Drum” and is a favorite of mine.

Scarlett Johansson to Release CD Debut Album on May 20th

January 27, 2008 by Sarah  

Scarlett Johansson’s talents stretch far beyond the screen. She’s releasing her first album on May 20th. The disc, entitled “Anywhere I Lay My Head” is a tribute to Tom Waits.”It was a really, really sort of inspired process to make this CD, and it was something I’d never done before,” she said.

I can’t wait to hear it! I wouldn’t have figured Scarlett Johansson for a singer, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  Hopefully i can bring you a video soon.

The Spice Girls Earn $20 Million Each for London Shows

January 24, 2008 by Sarah  

It’s easy to see why the Spice Girls agreed to do 17 shows at London’s O2 Arena. The gig netted them $100 million or $20 million each.

Tickets were pricey, almost 400,000 fans paid $150 and up to see the Spice Girls, but all feel the price is worth it. “It’s been a huge success for them,” said a source, “and this run of shows at The O2 will probably be the icing on the cake of their reunion.” $20 million? I would say that’s some upscale icing. “Barbara Streisand had high ticket prices but only did three nights while Prince did 21 nights but sold tickets at a very reasonable price - not many groups can sell out 17 gigs at £75 a ticket, it’s quite an achievement.”

The mind boggles. When you consider the London gigs are only one stop on their tour, The Spice Girls are bringing in serious coinage with this one-off reunion. It’s a lot of money for their young fans to pay, if you ask me. I would want to REALLY, REALLY see a band for $150 a pop, and even that’s stretching it. I might do it for Bonnie Raitt or Zeppelin. But the Spice Girls? Probably not.

Incidentally, this made me think back to my first concert. In 1980, when I was 14 or 15, I paid $8 of my hard-earned baby sitting money to see ZZ-Top kick some serious ass. $8! Damn but times have changed.

Tell me, would you pay $150 for a concert ticket. If so, who?


Beyonce & Tina Turner to Duet at Grammys

January 23, 2008 by Sarah  

Set up your Tivos, folks, here’s a duet you won’t want to miss. Beyonce and Tina Turner are going to be singing together at the Grammys. Now I’d pay money to see that!

The Grammys will air Sunday, February 10th.

Shakira and Madonna’s Sunsilk Ad

January 22, 2008 by Sarah  

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Shakira, Madonna and Marilyn Monrie remind us it’s all about the hair in this commercial for Sunsilk.  The ad is to appear during this Sunday’s Superbowl.

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