Mariah Carey Hangs Up on Radio Interview

March 31, 2008 by Sarah  

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If you’re interviewing Mariah Carey, you better have your facts straight. The radio host mistakenly said Mimi sold 80 million albums and she took major issue and hung up. It turns out she sold more like 160 million and was rather insulted.

Diva much? I’ll tell you what though, with 160 million in sales, she earned the right to correct her interviewer. The interview went well before that and they were having fun so I’m not so sure hanging up was the right thing to do, but this is Miss Mariah we’re talking about. She does have a reputation, after all.

Laura Bryna: Making Wishes that Come True

March 25, 2008 by Sarah  

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with up-and-coming country music star Laura Bryna, and truly, it was a pleasure. We didn’t have too much time together but Laura answered all of my questions with grace and humor and didn’t make me feel at all as she had somewhere else she’d rather be.

Laura is a self professed “girly-girl”. A throwback to the days when Tammy Wynette and Lorretta Lynn ruled the stage with their big hair and glittering dresses. And though she clearly professes an interest in getting into fashion, there’s more to Laura Bryna then her beauty. Right now as we speak, Laura’s single “Make a Wish” is one of the top ten most streamed songs according to Billboard. Even more important, Laura has made valuable contributions of time and more to the Make a Wish foundation. She says she feels like pinching herself because she’s able to live her dream, but to give of yourself in this manner makes dreams of fame a lot less frivolous.

I asked Laura of her influences. I knew from my research that she’s a major Patsy Cline fan, but Laura also loves the Judds, Celine Dion and because she’s a “fashion nut,” Dolly Parton. Other divas on Laura’s playlist re Etta James, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. Defining her own music style as “Countrypolitian,” Laura is also a big Elvis fan. Especially because of his daring fashion sense.

Because She Plays Music is a positive perspective of women in music, I asked Laura about her involvement with “Make a Wish” and if she felt it was important for entertainers to be involved in charitable causes and be positive role models. Laura couldn’t speak for others, but she’s happy to work with “Make a Wish” as a tribute to her father who passed away, and her brother who thankfully is still with us but suffered from a brain aneurysm. It’s through her brother’s illness that Laura learned of Make a Wish and began to work with them.

It wouldn’t be a Laura Bryna profile without talking about her beloved birds! Laura has three birds. Snuggle, Harmony and Tyler are more than just pets, they’re family and Laura is planning on building a sanctuary into her tour bus so her three “kids” can come with her on the road. Laura talks of her birds on her blog and is often amazed how her fans care so much for her and her birds. When she isn’t on the road or spending time with her birds, she likes to “throw my hair in a baseball cap and dabble a bit in archaeology.” In fact, Laura recently found an arrowhead in her parents back yard and likes to  “get to the bottom of things.”

Laura has some advice for women starting out in the music business, and really this can apply to anything we set our hearts on. “Just follow your dreams. Don’t stop, don’t give up and keep having that direction. No one should stop you.” Laura also recommends networking and doing whatever you can to “get your name out there” and learning as much as you can about the business by reading and researching. “Be the smart singer and not the dumb singer”.  She should  know, she took courses and worked internships to learn everything she can about the industry. Laura wants us to “live life to the fullest. Life is good just keep at it.”

What’s next for Laura Bryna? A new video and single called “Life is Good” which is a “top down up tempo summer song.” During her down time Laura hopes to get more involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry including acting, dancing and fashion. If she tackles those areas with the same determination as her music, she’s sure to be a success.

She Plays Music is pleased to give you an opportunity to hear Laura’s music for yourself. I have five copies of Laura’s CD “Trying To Be Me” to give away. Want to win? List your favorite female role models - and why - in the comments and I’ll pick five random winners on April 15th. Good luck!

Album Cover Shot — Dana Tynan - Photo; Art Direction - Lorna Leighton

Skirt Shot — Dana Tynan - Photo; wearing Wolford top and Cavalli skirt.

Images courtesy of Howard Rubens Public Relations. Used with permission.

Britney Spears Appearance Makes for Highest Ratings Ever

March 24, 2008 by Sarah  


Britney Spears appearance tonight on “How I Met Your Mother” made for the show’s highest ratings ever. Here’s hoping that this will give her more confidence to continue to make positive changes to her life and continue doing what she does best, entertaining.


Blast from the Past: Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane

March 19, 2008 by Sarah  

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The first time I saw the Cowboy Junkies was in, I think, 1989 or 1990. They sung their version of the Lou Reed classic “Sweet Jane” and I was mesmerized. I heard the same song again at the movie theater as it was part of the “Natural Born Killers” soundtrack. I bought the soundtrack the next day and listened to it over and over again.

Today my sister sent me a link suggesting I feature the Cowboy Junkies. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Blast from the Past: Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together

March 18, 2008 by Sarah  

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Hey. It could have been worse. I could have posted “Muskrat Love.”

I remember when “Love Will Keep Us Together” came out. I was a tween living in New York City but went to sleep away camp over the summer. We sang this song over and over and over again. After the two weeks were over I was actually sick of it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: The Chieftans and The Corrs

March 17, 2008 by Sarah  

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Is there anything more uplifting than Irish music and dance? Enjoy The Chieftans and The Corrs. Incidentally, it was my husband, who is of Chinese descent, who turned me on to Irish music. We’ve been fans of both The Chieftans and The Corrs for years.

Carrie Underwood to Join the Grand Ole Opry

March 16, 2008 by Sarah  

Former American Idol and current American superstar Carrie Underwood will become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. The invitation was a complete surprise as Randy Travis issued the invitation yesterday.

“I felt like I just won something amazing all over again,” she said. “The Opry has meant so much to me growing up, seeing people perform and wanting to do that.”

Congratulations to Carrie. This is a great honor for her and very well deserved.

Sheryl Crow to Join Fleetwood Mac?

March 15, 2008 by Sarah  


Is Sheryl Crow joining Fleetwood Mac? The rumor is the 70’s supergroup is planning on reuniting and adding Sheryl Crow as a new member. “I don’t want to make any official announcements, but I will say that we definitely have plans for collaborating in the future, and we’ll see what happens,” Sheyl told AOL’s music site

“I think the person I learned the most hands-on from is Stevie Nicks because she allowed me not only to cowrite with her but also to produce her, and she’s a true artist,” said Crow.

“I love people that are not jaded or desensitized and that are still really into what they’re doing and into growing as an artist, and that’s her,” Crow says. “She’d walk out and stand at the microphone, and I swear I was looking at a 20-year-old, because she just exudes this kind of sensual love for music.”

Sheryl even has a couple of songs picked out. “I’d love to do ‘The Chain,’ I’d love to do ‘Second Hand News,’ she said.

Sounds like an idea to me.



Blast from the Past: Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley PTA

March 14, 2008 by Sarah  

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I was only four in 1968 when “Harper Valley PTA” came out, so my memories of its release are rather non-existent. When I was a few years older a friend who lived across the street had a 45 of this song and we listened to it often. We sang along with it too, at the top of our lungs and with attitude.

The song, incidentally, spun off into a television movie and series starring Barbara Eden in the lead role. Didn’t last long though.

New Britney Spears Video: Break the Ice

March 13, 2008 by Sarah  

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I like the song. It’s the Britney we know and love, for sure! And the animated video is rather cool, isn’t it? Things are starting to look up for Britney so lets think positive thoughts.

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