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Artist Profile: Nico Vega

by User ImageKimberlee Morrison on June 30th, 2008

I discovered Nico Vega earlier this year (hat tip Jacob Nicolas) and upon first listen, and was immediately enchanted by the rockin’ infections rhythms and the soulful throaty voice of band vocalist Aja Volkman. With only one EP and a few singles to their name (and a full LP due in the fall), Nico Vega are the underground band to watch for 2008.

The trio – vocalist Aja, guitarist Rich and drummer Dan – draws inspiration from a lost friend for whom the band is named, using a fusion of rock, folk and soul music as a medium to deliver a message of love and brotherhood.

Nico Vega represents a modern day saint. A warrior that has led us to a more fulfilling, lighter way of being. She represents people and unity. She fights for all of us and teaches us to fight for each other. She is an idea that has evolved into a message and she fuels us in our bellies. She is the person we are all capable of being, but she holds the bar high above our head so that we must reach to be better human beings. We all have honesty inside of us, we all know how to love, we are all made of the same flesh, and we are all stuck here together. Nico Vega reminds us that we can learn to fuse these ideas together and grow more solid as a unit of man. Alone we are lost, we fail, we grieve, we search, we struggle, we feel small. Together we are solid, found, loved, and powerful. We are our own greatest natural resource. [source]

What I really like about this band is that their recorded music sounds great, but to see them live is an experience. Aja, Rich and Dan are truly three friends making music together; doing it first for the love of music, then each other and if it comes, fame is nice. In music videos (check out “Wooden Dolls”), you can sort of get a taste of the deeply growling voice projected by Volkman, however, you get a true sense of her personality, the camaraderie she shares with her band mates and the full glory of her magnificent voice in intimate settings such as their recent show at the Viper Room in Hollywood last week.

It may be true that bands are made up of more than just a singer, but Aja Volkman demonstrates the allure of a strong, sexy and charismatic person to front any band.

Photo by: Alex Pranger

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