Janis Joplin’s Home Gets a Historic Marker

January 21, 2008 by Sarah  

Janis Joplin’s childhood home in Port Arthur, Texas, had a historic marker dedicated in its honor over the weekend. The occasion was bittersweet. Janis would have been 65 on Saturday, instead, she overdosed and died in 1970.

The current home owners had no idea when they bought the house ten years ago. "One day I just saw a TV crew out here shooting and I thought ‘What’s going on,’" Alicia Sanchez said. "I asked what they were doing and they told me that she (Joplin) used to live here. And then I started having people knock on my door asking to see my house." Sanchez says she doesn’t do tours, but people can take photos of the house if they’d like.

Now that there’s a historical designation on the front of the house, everyone will know about the house’s famous former resident.


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2 Responses to “Janis Joplin’s Home Gets a Historic Marker”
  1. Dennis says:

    Happens frequently: Artist from provincial town
    gets worldwide recognition only to have their legacy undervalued by an uptight conservative town.
    See Woody Gutherie, Kurt Cobain.

  2. Bonnie Macdonald says:

    I don’t think Janis would have been happy, she had some sad roots there. Port Arthur rejected her but sadly I guess port arthur can give themselves a big pat on the back for the rawness of emotion that she poured into her heartbreakingly beautiful music, they caused her alot of pain. Actually she’d probably be up there cackling, saying I showed them!

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