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New Beyoncé/Sasha Fierce: “Diva” & “Halo”

by Kimberlee Morrison on December 24th, 2008

As if it weren’t enough for her to have one of the hottest singles of the season, Beyoncé released two more songs yesterday, sure to be an instant hit.

Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé’s alter ego who brought us “Single Ladies” is back with “Diva” - the female version of a hustler, while Beyoncé waxes poetic about being wrapped in love’s embrace “Halo.”

I was lucky enough to get a peek at them before Sony/BMG sent YouTube DMCA notices and had them removed. However, you can still get both videos exclusively on iTunes.

**Update** Embedding is disabled, but
“Diva” is currently available on YouTube. Check it out before it gets removed.

You still have to go to iTunes to get the official “Halo” video, but the song is so beautiful, it’s worth posting what Sony/BMG has made available.

Image: Newscom

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